Universal Quote System

Feature Matrix - Comparing Editions




Quickly, easily, and intuitively quote single unit and multiple unit products
Quote products from multiple manufacturers
Generate on-the-fly drawings of products being quoted
Specify ad-hoc products from any manufacturer which is currently not specified within the framework of the Universal Quote System
Internationalizable: quote products in any language that a manufacturer(s) has provided
Import product items from any saved project
Import product items from other available manufacturers (i.e., currently products quoted by the Marvin Quote System (MQS) from MARVIN Windows and Doors) 
Electronically send the order form to the respective manufacturer 
Specify foreign currencies with their conversion rates for use in the included reports
Generate order forms for any of the manufacturers
Runs on any Java-enabled platform (e.g., Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris SPARC, HP-UX, IBM AIX, etc.)
Web-enabled (i.e., either runs within a web browser or as a Java web start application)
Export reports in HTML, RTF, and Adobe Acrobat
E-mail any of the generated reports within the Universal Quote System
Full contract and bid summary reports for product-only and installed sales
Rough opening and masonry opening schedules
Window and door schedules
Shipping reports
Product summary reports
Product summary reports can be exported as accounting data to Microsoft� Excel or other accounting packages in XML format.

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