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Version 3.2 released August 28, 2020


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The Universal Quote System is an application based on a powerful new technology which is patent pending and based on standards-based XML and Java technologies. The technology we have developed will allow us to easily and quickly place any manufacturer's product line into our standards-based system. In the future we will add the ability for any manufacturer to place their product line(s) within our system without the need of a software engineer; all that will be required will be a complete and thorough knowledge of the respective product line(s). The Universal Quote System has the following capabilities:

The sample product lines contained in this release candidate version are based on fictional manufactures' product lines and are intended to show that the Universal Quote System can accommodate any manufacturer's product line no matter whether it is a large window & door company with a complex, customizable product line or a simple manufacturer such as a distributor with their own line of custom doors.

Thank you for your interest in the Universal Quote System!

The minimum required memory is 512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher. Please see the system requirements for more details.

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