The Proposal Writer Pro quickly, easily and intuitively converts Marvin's Order Management System (OMS) (as well as legacy Marvin Quote System (MQS)) quotes into visually appealing, customized proposals and contracts for presentation to your customers, either the contractor, homeowner, or architect.

It allows the seamless generation of a complete bid proposal or contract from the Order Management System (or Marvin Quote System),  and provides you with a professional proposal presentation that is simple and easy to understand.

Marvin dealers and distributors around the U.S. have been using the Proposal Writer Pro as an integral part of their business to streamline the process of producing professional, visually appealing, customizable reports since it was first released in 2001. The Proposal Writer Pro supported the MQS for 11+ years and now supports the OMS as well. The Proposal Writer Pro has helped these businesses to increase their profits and reduce their costs.


The customization feature facilitates the conversion of Marvin quotes (e.g., product-only, installed sales, rough opening schedule, masonry opening schedule, architectural/drawing report, etc.) into customized proposal and contracts by allowing the user to:


Proposal Writer Pro is a truly unique application that will allow you to create complete customized proposals and contract documents tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.


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